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The Book of the War

Taxonomy - tag classification system.
References - comprehensive index of the published Book of the War with taxonomy.

(Appendix to the Apocrypha)


Further information on the Spiral Politic

 Alice T. Robot Back at the dawn on time the enemy created a race of robot slaves with the ability to mimic the shape of any being or creature. They were garris…, , ,
 Anasazi Earth during the period called the Dark Ages by the locals was rife with infiltrations by the war era powers. The most obvious of these is “the Anasazi…, , , ,
 Avon, Kerrgulan Little is known about the computer expert known as Avon prior to his life as a terrorist-cum-pirate in one of the many space age empires based …, , ,
 Ballroom, The A vast stately human affair, 17th Century England meets 19th Century Russia with a sprinkling of French je ne sais quoi thrown in for good measur…, ,
 Blood Roots A twisted genetically modified plant species that thrives only in the rainforests of Earth. It was created to be a universal source of cheap protei…, ,
 Bronwyn An octopus-like creature who is blue in colour, although he does blush green from time to time. He can live equally well in or out of water, although h…, ,
 Celeste, Cousin A somewhat sociopathic and totally psychotic member of Faction Paradox, she partook the great hunt as part of her initiation rituals, killing o…, , ,
 Cliché The idea of reusing familiar ideas and phrases in a new context has long been a popular one within many lesser cultures. The ease with which a fiction c…, ,
 Cultural Change Take a species, any species, no not the Great Houses. Take humans for example. Tribal monkeys that evolved into political apes and then into cu…, ,
 Dagon A pseudo-mythical leviathan worshipped as a deity by a subaquatic society of reptilian creatures that evolved on Earth many millions of years ago. Dagon …, ,
 Daniel, Cousin Running a book store called Fiction Paradox in Brisbane Queensland is the roguish, periaptic member of the Faction. Although technically a membe…, , ,
 Deam Da'nuib Born in late 20th century Canada, Da'nuib was closely watched by the Great Houses for the first 4 years of his life. With the Houses concluding th…, , , ,
 Defsenoc In the vein of Siloportem, Defsenoc is a town ravaged by the War. The miraculous thing is that it is still inhabited. The people there are either blit…, ,
 Dilbert, Cousin As head of the Faction's research into quantum bizarreness theory he is often found surrounded by freakish and often truly bizarre events. He i…, , ,
 Dolls Dolls are not just children's toys. They are symbols and those who know how to unlock the secrets of these totems can wield vast powers. A doll crafted i…, ,
 Dressing up as a man A process often employed by female agents to gain access to places or institutions on the lesser worlds that still employ varying degress …, ,
 Earth Federation, The The one attempt by a human society to develop space travel as both a commercial and scientific enterprise. They built one ship but preten…, ,
 Faction Paradux The London of the Eleven Day Empire is governed by forces unknown to most outside the very oldest generation of the Faction family. Creatures v…, , , ,
 Faction Werewolf The Faction Paradox chapterhouse on the planet Wolfenkinder (named before the terrible event for which it became known afterwards by some litt…, , ,
 Fanwank Technically, it is the creation of worldviews/opinions/fictions where one (or more) deeply beloved aspects of a fiction are combined to create somethin…, , ,
 Frequency Puppets Many rural cultures have lived with the fear of famine for so long and so closely that the very concept takes on an existence of its own. Med…, , ,
 Godmother Hubble Godmother Hubble was formerly the Patron of the Eleven Day Empire's Stacks. Working alongside such luminaries as Godfather Morlock, she took a…, , , ,
 Haana, Lady A sometime renegade member of one of the great houses. She is often used as an agent when her interests and those of her former house coincide (usu…, ,
 Hell House Owner: Luci Ferre (Species unknown) Status: Inter-dimensional nexus of portals to eight different realms. Hell house is said to be a real house th…, ,
 Homeworld Infiltration One of the greatest fears of the entire resurrected humanity is that their safe haven is not as safe as they hoped. Or worse, in as dang…, , ,
 Jennifer D'mon Jennifer is a renegade member of House D'Mon, one of the most martial and secretive of the Great Houses. Jennifer is a product of selective gene…, ,
 Kaye, Cousin She definitely does not exist and she's quite glad about it as she has a lot better things to do that go around disproving her existence to everyo…, , ,
 Living Road, The It is a curious temporal and spatial anomaly that appears to display the characteristics of sentient life. The anomaly appears as a road junct…, ,
 Memewolves The sad history of these tortured souls goes back to the infection of the planet Wolfenkinder by the Celestis. They infected the Noosphere of the pl…, , ,
 Mistress, The “Meddlesome hussy...”--the War King A former member of the Homeworld, the woman now known as the Mistress started out as many members of the Gre…, , , ,
 Mr. Peabody One of the few known renegades of House Lineacrux, Mr. Peabody has been tracked all over the Spiral Politic, “fixing” history according to his own …, , ,
 Music Everything has its own rhythm, it's own beat. The heart pounds it's lub-dub of life to keep us alive, break the beat and break the heart. Music is a tran…, , ,
 Nightmares An elite assassination squad of Faction Paradox cousins based on the lesser world known as earth. All have performed the great hunt to isolate thems…, , ,
 Oliver, Cousin Originally from the Newblood House Baradibontz, Oliver was cast from his family for being a disruptive influence to the House's harmony and succ…, , , ,
 Paradox See Paradox This is a locked entry botw entry terminology, ,
 Peter Lazarus Little of the early life of this major War-era participant is know to be true; however, certain suppositions and conjectures can be assumed based…, , ,
 Random Frequent Time Fliers Club A collective of individuals whose lives have been touched (more often then not) for the better by a renegade of the Great Hous…, , ,
 Robomen The exact nature of the imago, the physical form and appearance of a denizen of the City of the Saved, is subject to various influencing factors. It is…, , ,
 Shadow Bridge A nexus of possible pathways between the shadow dimensions and the main bubble of reality. The Bridge appears at first as a vast network of possi…, ,
 Story The culture of twenty-first century Earth had become such that “cults” were liable to spring up around any sub-popular or limited-interest literature. Th…, ,
 the Bastion Project Prior to the commencement of the War there was a great worry on the Homeworld that the Culture of the Great Houses would change during the …, , , ,
 Transtech “There's more then meets the eye to this race” attributed to Compassion, the rogue Timeship. During the long period where Compassion was still runni…, , ,
 Ultimate Weapon, The “It's a dream” Attributed to Grandfather Halfling. It's obvious that during War time, various agencies on every side will be seeking out …, ,

Timelines Gleaned

Places found on the world wide conceptual space

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The Spirits

 Contributers Potential and current sources of biodata. In The Book * Godmother Ushas * Peter Cobcroft * Daniel Worsley * Deam * Dan Tessier * Mar…, ,

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