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Dilbert, Cousin

As head of the Faction's research into quantum bizarreness theory he is often found surrounded by freakish and often truly bizarre events. He is at heart, as far as he is concerned, a modern Da Vinci, engineer, artist, inventor. he dresses in the business garb of a twentieth/twenty-first century business worker, but with faction mask and oddly twisted tie, which is oddly enough his most remembered feature, a tie that curls up on it's end, rearing like a snake or a scorpion's tail.

Quantum Bizarreness Theory

Strange things happen and things happen strangely. A dog could talk with the cynical worldview of a jaded artist or it could be reveal a long extinct species is actually hiding behind the sofa. It is not too hard to realise why the Faction is interested in this really well d'uh see Shifts

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