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Everything has its own rhythm, it's own beat. The heart pounds it's lub-dub of life to keep us alive, break the beat and break the heart. Music is a translation of the sounds of the world around us, whatever they style there's a beat, a pulse, a driving force that pushes the tune on. Music is a summation of culture and culture is the essence of civilisation, without one there is no other. Ban music and the culture dies and what is left is a lifeless parody, a sham, a ghost of a culture. If we must sum up our culture then let us not do it with speeches or images of deeds, but let it be music, for music tell more about us than we may possibly think. Music is also a force that can kill. Everything in the universe has a vibration, a soul that resonates on a certain frequency. If that frequency is replicated and enhanced then the original starts to feed back upon itself, becoming subtly altered and chaotic. Concrete and brick will crumble, water will evaporate, skin will melt and blood will boil. Bone, the secret storehouse of the past will shatter and be lost forever. Music is salvation and it is also ruination, this is why so many worlds fall silent after hearing radio transmissions from another world. This is why so many aliens tried to invade earth in the 1970's, they wanted revenge for humanity's attacks against them!

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