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Deam Da'nuib

Born in late 20th century Canada, Da'nuib was closely watched by the Great Houses for the first 4 years of his life. With the Houses concluding that, perhaps, this human could eventually turn out to be the Enemy, or at the very least help create the environment where the Enemy could foster, they decided to embed female House Military agents around certain strategic events and times in his life to watch, report, and if necessary take action against him.

For years Da'nuib was unaware of the Houses influence in his life but, through personal investigation and the help of an unknown outside force, he discovered the House plot to alter and effect his life in a potentially detrimental way; sometimes nearly causing suicide which would, of course, eliminate the potential threat to the Great Houses without the House agents having to get their hands dirty.

Information on the years after Da'niub's discovery of the plot is quite vague. He is said to at this point discovered the ability to manipulate his own Biodata through the use of LSD at this point I think I should give you my 2 cents on Deam Da'nuib and how awful it has been working with him for all these year. I have never EVER met anyone who is so full of himself and so eager to take credit for pretty much any and every other person's idea and pretty much any concept he's ever heard and liked. The LSD thing? Sure, it helped him understand a lot of things about Biodata, and the Houses, and blah blah blah, but without ME there in the background poking and prodding he would have NEVER progressed as far and as quickly as he had. Not in a 1000 years. And if you ever want to take a nauseating roller-coaster ride in the mind of a complete lunatic: please feel free to hop inside Deam's mind after he's popped a few hits of 'cid. 8+ hours of complete and utter 'stream of consciousness, I love the Beatles, nonsense. I have never known anyone who is so completely not in control of his mind even though he loves to tell everyone how he's the greatest thing to happen to humanity since Nietzsche. Gah! Well… that's it for me. I've gotten myself so angry talking about this I think if I talk about him anymore I'd likely explode and is thought to have, through time travel using biodata manipulation, become his own bodyguard in the past in order to protect himself, obviously, but also to run interference for his past selves to decrease the influence of the female House agents in their lives.

After a lengthy declaration of war on the Houses and a manifesto stating his personal case against the House's history he disappeared in the early 21st Century, some say to a remote region of the Himalayas, in order to plan his war on the Houses, his strategy as well as plans of attack.

In his small apartment in Canada a note was found attached to the declaration of war and his manifesto stating: “They have brought this on themselves. With their attack on my personal life through the influence of their agents they have no one to blame for this war but themselves. All that will come, all that they have fought to avoid, all that they fear, comes directly from their influence on me; all directly from their actions against me. I have no pity for them as they had none for me. And 'we are not amused'.”

Is it a case of extreme megalomania? or is there some legitimate evidence that Da'nuib eventually became involved in the war directly as a result of the Houses attack on his life? We may never know… See also Enemy Declaration of War, Greatest Human Minds, and Headquarters of the Enemy.

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