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Homeworld Infiltration

One of the greatest fears of the entire resurrected humanity is that their safe haven is not as safe as they hoped. Or worse, in as dangerous position as their feared. Groups such as the Last Reich and the Men in Masks have set in place shadowy plans to ensure their (and possibly all of humanitys) safety. Even after the failure of the Timebeast Assault and the Celestis “invasion” these groups have feared infiltration from the outside. By one of the protean races, one of the myriad shape changers, the perennial foes of humanity. But FAR worse then any of these threats is the fear of a member of the Great Houses somehow getting into the City. The City has many laws in place to deal with any possible threat, even infiltration, but knowing what a Houseworlder can do, the City as a whole is still afraid of them.

Worse then these possible threats is the quietly whispered rumour that there is already one in the City. A strange man, seen only out of the corners of people's eyes, dressed in inconspicuous clothes, going about the City, doing whatever he wishes. Never truly seen. But feared by the City. An evil renegade from the Homeworld.

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