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Kaye, Cousin

She definitely does not exist and she's quite glad about it as she has a lot better things to do that go around disproving her existence to everyone she meets.

Many things have been attributed to her and because she keeps denying her involvement in them it only goes further to prove her connection to them, even though no one has actually asked her one way or the other.

Cousin Kaye has no shadow and no boyfriend, she's glad about one and not so much about the other.

It's believed that Kaye's greatest ambition is to prevent the big bang from occurring there by rendering the whole Universe a paradox, however many leading cousins believe that this happens far more often that it should.


Cousin Kaye, who really doesn't actually exist (trust us on this), was once linked to the non-death of a former US President when for some reason the shooter was distracted by a mysterious feminine figure wearing a bat skull mask and nothing else. Many leading Mothers are of the opinion that someone needs a jolly good spanking with a hairbrush, if only she existed to locate and punish. Cousin Kaye is especially glad about this last part and feels, in an interview never given, that naturism has its place in the Faction, as long as no one believes that you really exist to blame.

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