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Haana, Lady

A sometime renegade member of one of the great houses. She is often used as an agent when her interests and those of her former house coincide (usually when there's a beautiful woman involved in need of seduction). Lady Haana is shunned because of her interest in the lower races, most specifically the female members of the human species. Lady Haana resides on the planet Drahva where she maintains control of the planet through subjugation of technology, enslavement of the male population and seduction of the leading female elite. She refused recruitment by the Faction, calling them a bunch of half-witted amataurs who were half as pretty as they should be. House Lolita has tried to recruit her too, but so far all attempts have been knocked back, with Lady Haana once calling Lolita a right minger to her face. Lady Haana is believed to be a sometimes associate of the temporal renegade Smith, although this has never been proven. Lady Haana's time ship, Leslie, is believed to be sentient and disguised as a weeping angel when travelling from planet to planet.

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