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the Bastion Project

Prior to the commencement of the War there was a great worry on the Homeworld that the Culture of the Great Houses would change during the War to something unbecoming. It was not that the Great Houses thought that they'd lose or that their future Enemy could really threaten them ohh how wrong can you be see: Shifts

Prior to the cryptoforming of alternate Homeworlds, the Presidency, lead by the War King, instigated the Bastion Project. Setting up Outposts of the Homeworld on insignificant Lesser Species homeworlds. One such planet was, of course, Earth.

Created towards the beginning of the Ghost Point of Human Civilisation, the Outpost on Earth was supervised by an Emience Grise (from House Lyonshaun) who oversaw all aspects of the Outpost and a cadre of “moderators” whose job it was to enforce the rules setup by the Emience and the Homeworld.

This project was a major success, even after it was infiltrated by a crack team of Faction Paradox Cousins whose actions have gone unseen by the Homeworld monitors. What they are doing to subvert the Homeworld protocols is unknown at this time is unique by even the Faction's standards. They are introducing language specific to the clique of Faction Paradox in order to lure loyal Homeworld agents into the world of the Faction.

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