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Dressing up as a man

A process often employed by female agents to gain access to places or institutions on the lesser worlds that still employ varying degress of gender segregation. For example the Gentlemen's Club, it is often the case that the number of genuine males in such institutions are actually a minority of the sum total of members. Female agents have also reported a loss of power over men when they are disguised as males, this is because their biomorphic fields are changed by the perceptions of the viewers and thus instead of being an interesting new breeding partner they are viewed as a potential threat or ally. Drag Kings however have reported an uposurge in self-confidence and self-belief as if their actions are guided by their percieved rather than actual gender. For instance Lady Geokai claims that she fells much more assertive when dressed in men's clothing. (This does not explain why she often wore a false beard in the years running up to her first field assignment). Many female agents dress only as a man when they must, as they feel it reduces their essential femininity, indeed many do not even change their female undergarments, and only wear masculine outerwear when they have too. It's also noted that in many cultures female agents have introduced feminised versions of masculine clothes to reduce the amount of time they spend in men's clothing, although eventually they are recalled and the fashions of the worlds simply adapt the the changed fashion trends and history adapts to explain why so many women started wearing a more masculine fashion.

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