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The sad history of these tortured souls goes back to the infection of the planet Wolfenkinder by the Celestis. They infected the Noosphere of the planet and transformed the population into werewolves. Most died out in the savage infighting that took place for three nights during the full moon. Most of the survivors fled the planet in an ark-hive, those who remained were left to suffer a terrible fate. They were to be the real purpose behind the actions of the Celestis. They were tortured and abused until their physical bodies were destroyed and only their theoretical mass was left, the idea of their beings. These tortured minds were then driven insane by the formless nature of their incorporeal bodies. (The idea was copied from the Shifts - foot soldiers created by the enemy) They were further altered and shaped by the savage needs of the Celestis, turning them into Memewolves. They were to be an attack wave of ideas against the enemy, the only offensive move the Celestis dare make, lest they draw attention to their hidden imagination-construct city of Mictlan. The Memewolves were buried inside of books and data storage devices on worlds about to fall of the enemy. Their effectiveness is as yet unknown, but it's suspected that at least one memewolf escaped when the mineral-rich planet of Peladon was unexpectedly saved thanks to a daring plan of the War King. The Celestis fear that the leader of the Great Houses possesses the memewolf in his jade library of forbidden knowledge.

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