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Plot Generator: the Card Game


With thanks to Marcus L. Rowland for the inspiration. Like his game, the mechanics will be similar to Bartok. Although primarily a solo game to be used by GMs

Key concepts

Plots are divided into four suits - each suit representing a genre, these suits vary according to the setting of the game being run. For example, a Doctor Who game would might have Comedy, Mystery, Horror/Tragedy and Action. Each genre is broken up into 9 levels of intensity and 3 specials (for the court cards) and a wild card (the Ace). Finally the Jokers are used as reversals.

Playing Cards

For a card to be played on another card it must either-

  • Be of the same suit and numerically higher or lower in value than the current face-up card (Varying intensity)
  • Be of a different suit and numerically the same as the current card (Varying genre)
  • Be a Joker (Reverse)

How to play

Either start with a random card, or go through the deck and choose a card to start with. Whenever you need a plot decision - draw cards. You can do this in a number of ways-

  • Draw a random card and use it.
  • Draw cards until you get one you like and use it. Shuffle the other cards back in.
  • Draw cards until one of them matches the Playing Cards“ rule above and play it. Shuffle the other cards back in.”
  • Draw a hand of cards (say 5 or 7) and play one that matches the Playing Cards“ rule above. Replace it from the deck and keep your hand of cards until the next time you need a plot decision.”


CardTypeSuggested Use
AceWildChoose any intensity for the current genre/suit
2IntensityMinor - external
3IntensityMinor - internal
4IntensityMinor - all
5IntensityMedium - external
6IntensityMedium - internal
7IntensityMedium - all
8IntensityMajor - external
9IntensityMajor - internal
10IntensityMajor - all
JackSpecialNew character/item/setting
QueenSpecialDevelop an existing character/item/setting
KingSpecialGet rid of a character/item/setting
JokerReversalFlip the plot or the intensity, threats become friends, enemies - allies, comedy becomes horror etc.


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