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Alice T. Robot

Back at the dawn on time the enemy created a race of robot slaves with the ability to mimic the shape of any being or creature. They were garrisoned on the the planet Xeriphas for a while and sent forth from their on various spying missions. Over time the began to develop an affinity for the creatures they were forced to mimic and developed rudimentary personalities and one by one they broke free of their creators will. One such being developed a female human psyche and called herself Alice T. Robot, even though she selected the default appearance of a bubbly blonde human woman. Alice has worked for and against many members of the Spiral Politic as she was picked up as the travelling companion of beings such as Godmother Ushas, Smith, Geokai and most recently Cousin Kaye from the voodoo cult Faction Paradox. Alice is often used as an agent of distraction and chaos by the Faction to create diversions sometimes just for the hell of it and sometimes to further their agenda. Alice has travelled far and wide in space and time, spreading knowledge of the mysterious race of fur-covered aliens known only as Wombles in her wake…

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