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“There's more then meets the eye to this race” attributed to Compassion, the rogue Timeship.

During the long period where Compassion was still running from the Great Houses and yet the War was looming, The War King came up with a novel solution to the Houses need for versatile soliders (this is obviously before the era of the Army-of-One (see Cwejen). He proposed to an astounded Sitting of the Houses a plan to create an entire species capable of altering their forms in order to adapt to changing conditions. Thus the Transtech were retroactively born.

House Tracolix engineered an entirely mechanical world from the remains of a medium sized gas giant. Later the armourers of House Mirraflex forged a race of transforming robots, each with inbuilt computers and the ability to adopt either a standardised robot warrior form (based on the general humanoid form that is found all across the universe) and another, usually vehicular, form. Occasionally Transtech will adopt an animalistic alternative form, or that of a useful piece of equipment such as communication equipment or even weapons.

The Transtech race was divided into two basic groups, Protectabots and Combaticons. As their names imply each groups would adopt a different battlefield role.

Sadly, as with many Great Houses ideas, the trouble is in the fine print. Sadly neither group could work with the other. And a Great War was begun, mirroring, some say, the War they were built for.

Some believe that the race was corrupted by the Enemy. More cynically minded groups believe that an entire race modelled on the male of any species will get belligerent and start a fight sooner or later. Which, given that a single female form has now appeared amongst the combatants, many offer a solution to one of the problems. Where Compassion escaped to. After all, a race of near indestructible transforming robots, created by the Great Houses, technically linked via a vast network of computers, is as close to family as any unique, media bred, Timeship could possibly have.

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