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Faction Paradux

The London of the Eleven Day Empire is governed by forces unknown to most outside the very oldest generation of the Faction family. Creatures varied and terrible inhabit its darker corners, from Megrims to Unkindnesses to Lineals. There are one or two 'species' however, if such a term can be used to describe such animals, that exist in the shadow London without any desire to rip a poor traveller away from his future.

The Faction Paradux are bred by Cousin Mehendri in his private pond behind 10 Downing Street. They were purportedly sanctioned as a weapon of war by the elders of the Faction, but if this is true, their purpose remains unclear. Rumour has it they were designed as keepers and infectors of the Faction's failed supply of Misery Viruses. It is thought by many of the younger Faction recruits that Mehendri continues their upkeep just because he likes them a bit. However, he warns young family members under no account to roast and eat the Paradux, for fear they get down in the mouth.

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