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Ultimate Weapon, The

“It's a dream” Attributed to Grandfather Halfling.

It's obvious that during War time, various agencies on every side will be seeking out the “ultimate weapon” or words to that effect. The Great Houses War is no exception. Something that can conquer nations, something that can topple empires, something that is so magnificently powerful that it can bring disparate groups together to create a new future. Something so grand that it can conquer, land, sea, air, space (and most importantly) time. As is often the case, the Faction was the first to seek out such a thing. During the early days of the Second Waves genocidal campaign, the Scions of the Faction sought a deterrent. If the Great Houses or their Enemy is seeking such a weapon, they are keeping very quiet about it, but the Inhabitants of the City of the Saved however, due to the privileged position removed so far from attack, include a small group (of no more then a million individuals) who for various reasons seek the Ultimate Weapon. Oddly, many have found themselves on the doorstep of House Halfling and often in the sitting room of the reclusive Grandfather of that house. Why this is, is unknown, but one explorer a Professor Jones on leaving the house muttered “A dream??” and wandered off to seek solace (or a strong drink) in the hills of Paramount District.

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