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Faction Werewolf

The Faction Paradox chapterhouse on the planet Wolfenkinder (named before the terrible event for which it became known afterwards by some little sibling) was infected by a meme-virus that rewrote the noosphere of the planet, infecting the population (Faction members included) with the Great Wolf vector. The inhabitants were transformed into giant half-wolf monsters with low intelligence and great appetites. They fell upon each other as they transformed and only the strongest survived the first few nights before the full moon lapsed and they became 'normal' again. The survivors pooled their resources together, cast off all old alliances and formed Faction Werewolf. They escaped the planet in a single ark-hive but it was sabotaged by an anarchitect and made to crash on the planet Maktot. The members of Faction Werewolf created an underground lair away from the effects of the triple moons, but if they are caught outside then they revert to their insatiable monstrous forms and go on killing rampages that can last a week at a time. The iron age natives can do nothing but hide when they hear the howling fury in the long night. It's believed that those werewolves that were left on Wolfenkinder are now enslaved by the Celestis as Memewolves, ideas that can kill with a single bite…

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