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Plots involving the a group that affects the PCs in some way as a main ingredient.

 Faction Werewolf The Faction Paradox chapterhouse on the planet Wolfenkinder (named before the terrible event for which it became known afterwards by some litt…, , ,
 First Church of the Rapture An underground subversive cult that views animates as God's final mop up. The ongoing efforts of people in authority to stem the ti…, ,
 Nightmares An elite assassination squad of Faction Paradox cousins based on the lesser world known as earth. All have performed the great hunt to isolate thems…, , ,
 The Order of the Scarab Aspects * Worshippers of The Sapphire Scarab Appearances * Cairo Fortunes Part II: Paddlesteamer on the Nile spirit group the_o…, ,
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