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Celeste, Cousin

A somewhat sociopathic and totally psychotic member of Faction Paradox, she partook the great hunt as part of her initiation rituals, killing off a grand total of 287 ancestors, including her parents (she ran her mother over with a car and chemically enslaved her father and made him commit suicide for her viewing pleasure. Celeste's early years as a cousin were unremarkable, save the high body count of her foes. This led to the formation of the Nightmares, an elite corps of assassins that specialize in ritualised murder. Celeste was nominally put in charge of the cabal and she made the clique an extension of her warped psyche. Celeste became known as The Black Widow among the greater and lesser houses of Homeworld. On Earth she was known as Death, while on other worlds she was called Winter, because of her ability to produce freezing blasts of air from her hands (thanks to the application of vulgar technologies implanted in her palms). She has the fingernails of one hand painted blood read and the nails of her other hand painted jet black. This is to symbolise the duality of her purpose, the hand that wounds and the hand that kills. She dressed in personalised Faction armour, the helmet is based on the carapace of a species of giant arachnid that never developed in the established history created by Homeworld. Celeste knows the importance of myths and legends and she is careful to play up to the mythologies that have developed around herself. For instance she now sports a stylised red hourglass device on the back of her long black velvet cape and she is known to create a carpet of snow whenever she needs to make a formal entrance.

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