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Ballroom, The

A vast stately human affair, 17th Century England meets 19th Century Russia with a sprinkling of French je ne sais quoi thrown in for good measure. This the centre of the last waltz. It's an ancient dance performed between cause and effect as each jostles for position and taking turns to lead. They are surrounded by minor beings, kings, queens, emporers and empresses from every age and dynasty. It's said that to leave a dance before the music finishes is to invite the ruination of that civilisation. Many a king has rushed back into the ballroom, ashen faced and panic struck as they realise their world has literally been torn asunder and their golden age has ended. Many hope that restarting the dance will restore their kingdom but they find that therir place in the dance has been replaces and they must take a minor place at the edge of the dance floor, least history forgets them altogether. The Faction has agents in place ready to cut into a dance as necessary and either remove someone from history or replace someone with one of their agents. Sometimes this is the same person, the Faction is notorious for abducting royalty, inducting them into their ways and returning them a loyal cousin to shape history in favour of the Faction. It's not known if there is a version of the Ballroom on any other planet, at least none has been found yet.

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