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Hell House

Owner: Luci Ferre (Species unknown)

Status: Inter-dimensional nexus of portals to eight different realms.

Hell house is said to be a real house that appears in one location one day and is gone the next. It is said to occupy a rent in the fabric of time and space torn open by the war with the Enemy. It's location moves as the tear flows over the surface of the planet, but it only ever appears on land. It's simply always been there one day and simply never been there the next. The house resembles the one in every human's nightmares when they were a child, it has eight doors leading out of its central room, one for each of the seven deadly sins and if the visitor chooses to return the way they can then they are taken to Hell (a pocket universe moulded by the mind of Luci herself)

Realm 1: Lust

This realm is one vast orgy of writing beings, male, female and everything in between. Those trapped in this realm are locked in a never-ending cycle of carnal desire and they give and receive with equal joy. No enemy may invade this world or they will simply succumb to the power of their yearning desires and join in the endless rut. This is the gilded cage for there are no bars to prevent any from leaving, but they have only one thought on their minds, more sex.

Realm 2: Gluttony

This is a realm where everything is edible, including the inhabitants. Upon entering this world the visitor is transformed into a being of soft fruity substance inside a peelable skin that wants to be opened. The visitor wants to be eaten, wants to be consumed, but they also want to consume others too. They will devour everything they see and in return be devoured themselves until they are eaten. They do not die however for they have a seed within themselves that is expelled in the excreta of their eaters and it takes root in the ground and grows their body back again within a day, ready to consume others and be consumed themselves again. The denizens have no though other than the need to eat and be eaten.

Realm 3: Greed

This realm is dominated by a pool of molten gold. Inside of it live the denizens of this world, they are creatures formed of living gold they solidify and melt constantly, never escaping because they are drawn to the need to try and have all the gold for themselves. Visitors are drawn to the pool and once they try to take some they are infected by the living gold and their bodies turn to gold and melt into the pool. If they do manage to escape then they quickly solidify as solid gold statues around the side of the pool, if anyone tries to steal these statues then they come to life and drag the thief into the pool and the cycle begins again.

Realm 4: Sloth

This realm is littered by the corpses of the dead and the dying. Any visitor to this realm falls into a sleep from which they may never awaken from. Their mind is cut free from their bodies and transformed into a bodiless spirit. The spirits can leave this realm only in daylight and they can possess the body of anyone outside but they quickly tire the body out and the body falls into a coma, throwing the spirit out back to the real until dawn the next day. If a spirit doesn’t find a body by midnight then they care cast back to their realm. Some spirits float around the world forever avoiding the fall of night, but live empty lives as they endlessly circle a world they can never be a part of again.

Realm 5: Wrath

This realm is one endless battle, its occupants are constantly fighting each other with insane fury, using swords and even their bare hands to tear each other apart. However the occupants can attach their body parts back easily, as well as the body parts of others. This has led to the creation of monstrous visages of beings created from many different bodies, it’s entirely possible for a woman’s head to sit atop the body of a dozen men or the other way around, this merging of beings is what turns the occupants mad as their original identities are sliced up and diluted until they are all gone and each being is a composite creature of hate.

Realm 6: Envy

This is a realm of illusions. Here the visitor is presented by images of those that they feel are superior to them. A woman might see the face of a model she admires and wants to be more like. A man might see a great sport star or warrior they wish to emulate. No matter how small the weakness the visitor is encouraged to remove the offending body part with their bare hands and replace it with that of the one they wish to be more like. This continues body part after body part until the visitor feels they are perfect, but when they realise the horrors they have done to themselves the pile of body parts collapses and awaits to be used by the next visitor.

Realm 7: Pride

Unlike the last realm, this realm makes its visitors feel superior and perfect, it enhances their ego and makes them feel superior to everyone, but at a heavy price. As the visitor’s confidence grows then they come to realise that they cannot live up to their image and in order to become the person they see reflected they have to kill of their mortal body and rise up to become the godly figure they should be. Their discarded corpses are then possessed by the power of the realm and are used to seduce others outside their realm and draw others into it, to feed o the power of their minds.

Realm 8: Hell

It’s not flaming pits and burning sulphur, or eternal nothingness. Hell is in fact Luci Ferre’s home. It is a gothic mansion full of shadows and hidden secrets. It’s library is full of books that were never published (and thus of great interest to Faction Paradox) and it’s lounge is designed by those who never lived. It is a place that sucks the potential out of others and gives them the physical form that might have been. It leaves the visitors angry and confused and jealous that they might have been more. The visitors become disdainful of their former existence and willingly accept service as one of Luci’s minions so they they might steal for themselves the potential of others. The minions must serve as Luci’s army and her lovers. They worship her like a dark goddess and see themselves as her greatest generals, they seek power and the favour of Luci to advance themselves in the eyes of their fellow slaves. They will obey any command, commit any act, perform the foulest of deeds willingly and to the full. Luci cares not for these beings, only in acquiring the next one, will it be you?

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