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Godmother Hubble

Godmother Hubble was formerly the Patron of the Eleven Day Empire's Stacks. Working alongside such luminaries as Godfather Morlock, she took a day-to-day interest in the running of the Faction's underground archives, taking particularly interest in the study of relics relating to the Grandfather of House Paradox. Her work in the Faction was cut to an unhappy end, however, with a disastrous incident which forced her to remove herself from the Timeline.

The story is something like this. It seems that at one point, the legendary Grandfather's Arm had been held by the Faction in its rightful place in a locked cupboard deep within the darkest realms of the Stacks. Godmother Hubble had been places in special charge of the bone relic, and took responsibility for its safety during a time of fear of incursion from mysterious outside sources. It was thought that the enemy, in particular, was interested in the Grandfather's Arm, though for what purpose, no-one could say.

A member of the scientific clique, Father Aido, entered a request to undertake some studies on the remaining bone matter, Godmother Hubble happily obliging. Aido was strange even by Faction standards: his habit of barking at the most inopportune moments led to the conflation of his name “Father Aido” to “Fido” amongst the more junior Cousins. It was later discovered that he may have been displaying some basic traits of a Houseworld biological warfare gambit similar to Tourette's syndrome.

As “Fido the Dogfather” as he became known, reported to the Stacks to retrieve the Granfather's Arm from Godmother Hubble, he was shocked to hear the Godmother's screams from the adjoining room. Running to find what was wrong, he found Hubble standing screaming in front of the Arm's storage cupboard, the priceless relic gone, stolen by an unknown hand.

Hubble was disciplined and removed herself from the Timeline, and the Arm was never truly found, despite rumours throughout time. Nevertheless, the event did give rise to one of the Faction's more famous populist ritual mantras, which was believed to have been taken on by those in the real world at time too:

“Godmother Hubble went to the cupboard, to fetch her poor Doggie a bone.
When she got there, the cupboard was bare, and poor little Doggie had none.”

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