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A pseudo-mythical leviathan worshipped as a deity by a subaquatic society of reptilian creatures that evolved on Earth many millions of years ago. Dagon is in fact part Yssgaroth and thus tainted by the primordial agenda of that dark culture. In appearance Dagon is a giant squid but with a vast and cool sentience that can twist the minds of any who see it and turn them into twisted bestial Yssgaroth half-breeds that work in secret to perpetuate its agenda of domination and survival. So far 14 Cwejen have been dispatched to assassinate the Children of Dagon, all have failed and been infected with the mark of Dagon, becoming insane Yssgaroth mutants themselves. It's thought that one day the original Cwej will be dispatched to succeed where the copies failed. Meanwhile the Children of Dagon dwell in the underwater city of their god planning for the day they will inherit the earth…

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