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Earth during the period called the Dark Ages by the locals was rife with infiltrations by the war era powers. The most obvious of these is “the Anasazi” or Enemy encountered by the Native American group called the Navajo . Little is known about the encounter (as it is often the case with agents of the Great Houses War-time enemy). But what is known is that the enclave on Earth was known for it's bloody handed appraoch to the natives. If any got too close to the enclave they were killed, as quickly and bloodily as possible. Accounts of survivors spoke of hellish fires thrown from the hands, and images of devils and shadows roaming the land. The last recorded account that directly mentioned the Anasazi is extremely fragmented mentioning a pale skinned woman and shadow and bone men. Wether or not this implies involvement of Faction Paradox is only speculation. However, the woman was said to be very compassionate, or not compassionate, the text is vague.

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