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Earth Federation, The

The one attempt by a human society to develop space travel as both a commercial and scientific enterprise. They built one ship but pretended that they had hundreds more, by giving it a very high registration number that was clearly visible to other ships it encountered. The ship was populated exclusively by humans, except for one crew member who was a token half-human to prove that they weren't really amoral xenophobic killers. It's of note that the ship went on to start more battles and conflicts than any on Earth could have hoped for, but when an alliance of pissed-off alien worlds combined their efforts to counteract the monstrous humans and their evil killers, the humans quickly backed down and had the crew executed and replaced, before suing for peace and eventually joining the alliance of planets. As the Earth entered into the ghost point of zero technological growth the humans built another ship, which was the very pinnacle of their science, a slightly advanced version of their first ship, but bigger and with a committee-like crew that often debated any decision for hours or even days before any action was taken. For the rest of time the humans kept on producing variations of this ship until eventually they grew bored with the whole thing and cancelled the program.

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