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Jennifer D'mon

Jennifer is a renegade member of House D'Mon, one of the most martial and secretive of the Great Houses. Jennifer is a product of selective genetic manipulation and extra-dimensional technology. She appears as a 5' 6“ humanoid woman, until you notice that she's floating 3” from the floor to make herself look taller. She has vast powers of telepathy, telekinesis and inter-dimensional transit, so she can walk through walls as if they were not there as her party piece. She makes her home on lesser planets and moves from home to home when she gets bored of that location. She enjoys reading, cooking and resisting the call to war, as she believes in peace and harmony. Jennifer is in fact a human half-breed, as the Great Mother D'Mon breeds with the male of every species to try and create the perfect soldier for her army. Her siblings include Argorax the giant scorpion wargod, Slimi the giant slug poetess, Harpi the battle bird and Triffid the giant plantman. Jennifer's best friend is Bronwyn.

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