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Avon, Kerrgulan

Little is known about the computer expert known as Avon prior to his life as a terrorist-cum-pirate in one of the many space age empires based on Earth. What is known is that he is highly intelligent, cunning and ruthless. How he became involved in the War is unknown, but his presence on many Wartime battlegrounds is noted by academicans on the Homeworld and by the intelligence agencies of the Great Houses' Enemy. He is depicted as a vulture, arriving soon after (if after is word that can be used in the context of the War) a battle and seeking out something that has remained vague to all observers. One agent of the Faction who encountered Avon described him vaguely as death. The reason for this is, as always, known only to the scions of the Faction. For reasons that are totally obscure, both the Faction and the Great Houses have warned all agents not to attempt to stop Avon.

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