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For the purposes of tagging, every entry should be properly classified. I recommend the Taxonomy used in the published Book of the War - with slight additions (division and section) for the wiki:-


Name Tag to be used
wiki wiki
botw botw


Name Tag to be used
entry entry
links links
spirits spirits

Major War Power

Name Tag to be used
major_power major_power
celestis celestis
enemy enemy
faction_paradox faction_paradox
great_houses great_houses
house_military house_military
Independent independent
Intercreational intercreational
Lesser_Species lesser_species
Remote remote
Legend_Participant legend_participant


Name Tag to be used
Culture culture
Engineered_Participant engineered_participant
Event event
Group group
House house
individual individual
Legend_Relic legend_relic
Location location
Powerbase powerbase
World world
Participant participant
Planet planet
Relic relic
Ruling_House ruling_house
Species species
Technology technology
Terminology terminology
Text text
Theory_Participant theory_participant
Treaty treaty


Name Tag to be used
City city
Early_War early_war
Earth earth
Earth15 earth15
Earth16 earth16
Earth17 earth17
Earth18 earth18
Earth19 earth19
Earth20 earth20
Earth21 earth21
Eleven_Day eleven_day
Malakh malakh
Posthuman posthuman
Pre_History pre_history
Pre_War pre_war
Present present
Thirteen_Day thirteen_day
War_Era war_era
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