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For the purposes of tagging, every entry should be properly classified. I recommend the Taxonomy used in the published Book of the War - with slight additions (division and section) for the wiki:-


Name Tag to be used
About the wiki wiki
botw botw


Name Tag to be used
entry entry
links links
spirits spirits

Major War Power

Name Tag to be used
major_power major_power
celestis celestis
enemy enemy
faction_paradox faction_paradox
great_houses great_houses
house_military house_military
Independent independent
Intercreational intercreational
Lesser_Species lesser_species
Remote remote
Legend_Participant legend_participant


Name Tag to be used
Culture culture
Engineered_Participant engineered_participant
Event event
Group group
House house
individual individual
Legend_Relic legend_relic
Location location
Powerbase powerbase
World world
Participant participant
Planet planet
Relic relic
Ruling_House ruling_house
Species species
Technology technology
Terminology terminology
Text text
Theory_Participant theory_participant
Treaty treaty


Name Tag to be used
City city
Early_War early_war
Earth earth
Earth15 earth15
Earth16 earth16
Earth17 earth17
Earth18 earth18
Earth19 earth19
Earth20 earth20
Earth21 earth21
Eleven_Day eleven_day
Malakh malakh
Posthuman posthuman
Pre_History pre_history
Pre_War pre_war
Present present
Thirteen_Day thirteen_day
War_Era war_era
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