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Living Road, The

It is a curious temporal and spatial anomaly that appears to display the characteristics of sentient life. The anomaly appears as a road junction and inserts itself into the noosphere as a short cut. Drivers who take this short cut drive directly into the maw of the anomaly into the pocket universe inside of its belly. The inside appears as an endless road with trees and walls on either side. There is one service station and this is the killing ground where the anomaly is believed to feed. Only a handful of survivors are known to have survived the anomaly over the years, they all report the same thing: people vanishing suddenly; cars melting into the tarmac of the road, strange tentacles and limbs emerging from the tarmac to drag victims into the road. They also report the curious spatial phenomena of walking away perpendicular to the road on one side only to appear again on the other side of the same road. Those who escape are often found thousands of miles and many weeks or years away from where they vanished and all of them are clinically insane - after all they couldn't be describing something real, could they?

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