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Original Material


PBeM Turn Display

Module Cheatsheets

Other Cheatsheets

New Campaigns

New Rules

  1. Expanded Damage Control - Making module repair more difficult and accurate for the sake of playability.
  2. Pax Galacticum changes - Some rules are changed in Pax Galacticum. This is a summary of the changed rules (not the new rules present in Pax Galacticum)
  3. Pirates of Trundlia changes - Some rules are changed in Pirates of Trundlia. This is a summary of the changed rules.
  4. Turrets - Rotating turrets in Battlestations
  5. House Rules - Just to clear up some things
  6. Miniature Rules - Translating Battlestations so you can play it “off the grid”

New Missions

  1. Alien Bushwack - inspired by Alien and Firefly (Bushwack). Uses some modules from Stardock Omega 31
  2. Stardrive - inspired by Blake's 7 (Stardrive) and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  3. Supernova Rescue - Doctor Who inspired (Impossible Planet)
  4. Ubershield - Farscape inspired (Out of their minds)
  5. The Trench - A solo mini game based on a well known movie.

New Races


movechart.xls - Spreadsheet for ship designs and tracking NPC movement. All ships in the main rulebook are now done - has good customisation options (just don't accidentally delete formulas). I recommend using the flowchart or other icons and symbols in excel to move around the diagram to keep track of NPCs.

Legofste.xls - Spreadsheet to randomly generate maps using the various Legions of Steel map tiles that I have (108 of them). Usually forms a continuous joined map if the dimension are 10×10 or smaller. Occasional orphan tiles appear and the algorithm doesn't try too hard to find tiles that match - if it can't find something that connects on two sides after 500 iterations of random tile and direction, it fills in a blank. NewsletterContent - Only available in the Battlestations Newsletter.

New and Alternate Modules

Alternate Modules and new modules have been moved to a new page (taking up too much space here).
Includes The Temple of Moss and Event Horizon, Pax Galacticum missions and The Hive, a mission from the main rule book.

New - Stone Block module and Zoo Freighter modules for Pirates of Trundlia missions.

My Campaigns

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