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Paranoid Battlestations


Friend Computer

R&D have made hyperdrive discoveries and the Computer has determined that Alpha Complex is possibly not the best place to test this new invention. Troubleshooting expeditions have been set up for Outdoors in the past, and have now started to be set up for the “Very Outdoors”. However, while the Outdoors is populated with evil mutant animal and plant life whose insatiable appetites for Alpha Citizens is a constant danger requiring vigilance and a charged laser - it has been determined by Friend Computer that the Very Outdoors is populated with evil alien mutant animal and plant life whose insatiable appetites for Alpha Citizens is a constant danger requiring vigilance and a charged laser cannon.

Alpha Citizen

Target #: 8
Base Hit Points: 4
# of Hands: 2
Move: 3
Alien Ability: Commie Mutant Traitor. Each Alpha Citizen has a Mutant Power and belongs to a Secret Society. Superior Cloning Technology. When an Alpha citizen dies in a mission, their new clone does gain XP from that mission - but does not earn the extra prestige normal for a character dying in a mission.
Ship Registry: Alpha Citizens use the same hulls as Humans. However the Alpha Citizen special power is “The Computer is my Friend” which is very powerful - using a battlestation on an Alpha Citizen ship is easier than anywhere else. Giving +1 to use. Unfortunately the electronics of the ship are more volatile and an extra 1 point of damage is caused for every die of internal damage from exploding control panels (ie 1-3 each occupant suffers 1D6+1 damage and on 4-6 each occupant suffers 2D6+2 damage). Personal weapons may damage a module on a 5 or 6 (rather than just a 6).


Alpha Citizens will only crew with other Alpha citizens on ships of Alpha Complex registry.

Standard Equipment

All Alpha Citizens are armed with Alpha Complex Laser Rifles instead of Blast weapons. They all wear Alpha Complex Armour instead of regular armour.
Alpha Complex Laser Rifle Price: 200 Mass: 7 Req: 10
[energy] Damage 1d6, +1 to combat skill. Ignores armour and alien damage reduction abilities of non-Alpha Citizens and Alpha Citizens of equal or lower rank.
Alpha Complex Armour Price: 100 Mass: 5 Req: 8
Reduces damage by 1 for laser weapons of equal or lower rank. Has no effect on non-Alpha Citizen weaponry. Requisitioning non-standard equipment (ie anything not in the above list) is at +1 difficulty due to the paperwork involved at PLC

Experience Table

Mission EventXP
Attempting the mssion50
Succeeding in the mission100
Overwhelming success50
Driving off an enemy shipSize x 5
Destroying an enemy shipSize x 15
Successfully accusing a traitorTraitor Rank x 15
No traitor accusations in a mission30
Killing an evil commie alien in personal combatMD x 10


Alpha Citizens will never attempt missions that involve helping other races due to their extreme xenophobia and paranoia.
After a mission is complete there is now a new turn that occurs before Requisitions: Mission Debriefing.

When Alpha Citizens warp in to a mission, all their cannon modules are set to Laser mode, rather than Blast.


Alpha Citizens do not use the usual rank structure of UREF but their own, based on the visible light spectrum.

  1. Infrared (Black)
  2. Red
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Green
  6. Blue
  7. Indigo
  8. Violet
  9. Ultraviolet (White)
  10. There are no colours beyond Ultraviolet. Report to the nearest correctional facility for personality realignment.

Traitor Accusations

During debriefing the roll for traitor accusations is modified as follows:-
Chararacter was seen by the accuser (ie had line of sight to):

Observed ActionMod
using a Mutant Power+1
using a highly treasonous Mutant Power+2
using a treasonous Special Ability+1
using a highly treasonous Special Ability+2
fulfilling a Secret Society goal+1
not obeying an order from the captain+1
referring to non-Alpha Complex citizens in a non-derogatory way+1
fraternizing (ie not trying to kill) with non-Citizens+1
suggesting the Computer is not perfect+1
damaging Computer property (including Citizens)+1


Every time a character is cloned, they are given a different Secret Society. They keep the same Mutant Power, however. When an Alpha citizen dies in a mission, their new clone does gain XP from that mission - but does not earn the extra prestige normal for a character dying in a mission. This does not apply for death through the Traitor accusation of course.


The Bots manufactured by the Alpha Complex have more artificial intelligence than regular UREF Bots. Every Bot has a random upgrade. Bots do not like others to fiddle with them. Difficulty to upgrade a Bot is +3. Bots have an instinct for self preservation and may occasionally disobey orders if they don't like them.

Mission Debriefings

During the Mission Debriefing a Citizen may accuse another Citizen of being a Commie Mutant Traitor. Both the accuser and the accused make a Traitor roll. The winner gains XP, credit and prestige equal to the Rank of the loser x15. The loser starts the next mission with a new clone of one lower rank, choosing which special ability they wish to remove, but in all other respects they are identical to their previous character and they receive a different random Secret Society. The traitor gains no XP and no prestige (not even the 100 prestige bonus for dying) from the mission. A character may only be accused of being a traitor once per mission. You may not accuse a Citizen who died in a mission of being a traitor.

Mutant Power

Each Citizen receives a random Psionic ability and the Psionic skill (starting at 1) which can be raised with XP as any other skill. However, they may never have more than one psionic ability.

Secret Societies

Every mission that a Citizen manages to fulfil their Secret Society goal, they receive an extra 100 XP, credits and prestige.
Unless otherwise noted in the description, when compared to other crewmembers, it does not matter if the character observed them or not.
If the character is a new clone, roll to find out what their Secret Society is-
Roll D6+D6

  • 1, 1-2 Anti-Mutants: Killing a character that has used a Psionic ability that you have observed.
  • 1, 3-4 Communists: Destroying one spoil of war from each dead NPC. This can be done by taking an item from a NPC, spacewalking and dropping the item.
  • 1, 5-6 Computer Phreaks: Hacking more battlestations than any other crewmember or only ever operating battlestations remotely for the entire mission.
  • 2, 1-2 Corpore Metal: Upgrading more cyberwear or having more cyberwear than any other crewmember.
  • 2, 3-4 Death Leopard: Slagging more modules on your own ship than any other crewmember.
  • 2, 5-6 First Church of Christ Computer Programmer (FCC-CP): You have no goal, but when charged with treason, the accuser receives -2 to their rolls.
  • 3, 1-2 Frankenstein Destroyers: Destroying more Bots than any other crewmember.
  • 3, 3-4 Free Enterprise: Making more money through selling items than any other crewmember.
  • 3, 5-6 Humanists: Only ever using skills without any mechanical assistance in a mission (no skill chips, toolkits, wrist comps etc) and not being assisted by a Bot.
  • 4, 1-2 Illuminati: If no other crewmember succeeds in fulfilling their Secret Society goal.
  • 4, 3-4 Mystics: Using more drugs on yourself than any other crewmember does.
  • 4, 5-6 Pro Tech: Upgrading more things (equipment+modules) than any other crewmember or having more energized equipment on your person than any other crewmember.
  • 5, 1-2 Psion: Using your psionic ability more than anyone else on the crew.
  • 5, 3-4 PURGE: Making your ship explode or breaking/slagging every module on your ship or breaking all energized equipment on board.
  • 5, 5-6 Romantics: Getting an artifact or successfully trading with non-citizens or spending more time on alien spacecraft than any other crewmember in a mission.
  • 6, 1-2 Sierra Club: Going onto a planet or cleaning up more biohazards, radiation hazards or diseases (even if you create one first in order to do this) than any other crewmember.
  • 6, 3-6 Internal Security: This is not a secret society and counts as a negative modifier (-2) in any rolls of treason accusation against you. You receive the bonus for every successful treason accusation you make against others.
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