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Under Construction - Currently compiling detailed information from the original game. I will be simplifying it and making it playable with standard Battlestations rules and components with not many additions.


Invasion and terrorism. The X-Com force is tasked with defending the Earth from mysterious alien invaders.



  1. Base placement & construction
  2. Alien detection
  3. Interception
  4. Incursion
  5. Research & production


Rounds and phases are used when combat occurs - either at an Interception, Incursion or a Base Attack. When not in combat, a turn occurs once per day.

Terror Level

Used to measure both how much of the world is affected by the alien invasions and how powerful invasion forces will be.


NameClassTarget #Base Hit Points# of HandsMoveAlien AbilityPsionic Skill

Alien Races

Alien Ships

Alien Deployment

Base Modules

Use standard Battlestations modules to represent base modules. Unless otherwise stated, modules cannot be repaired if damaged until after the base invasion has been completed. If all modules that can be slagged, have been slagged - the base is destroyed. Bases are always underground. There are only two ways into or out of a base - the Access Lift, which is the first module and compulsory for every base, and any Hanger module the base may contain.

Terrain Modules

Terrain Types

  • Jungle
  • Farm
  • Forest
  • X-Com Base
  • Alien Base
  • Urban
  • Desert
  • Mountains
  • Polar
  • Mars
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