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Miniature Rules

A quick and easy method to convert Battlestations into a miniatures game, rather than a board game. These rules are intended to be used on planets, rather than in space, and only cover characters, not spaceships or other kinds of vehicles


  • Miniature scale = 15mm
  • 1 miniature represents 1 character
  • 1 Battlestations square = 20mm

Time is relative

Time is measured in “whatever looks cinematic” seconds

  • 1 Phase = 10 second to a minute (possibly)
  • 1 Round = a minute to 10 minutes (possibly)
  • There are 6 Phases in a Round.


In keeping with regular Battlestations - the facing of a miniature is unimportant. All miniatures have a 360 degree firing arc and can move in any direction. There are no penalties for being attacked from any side, no matter what the actual direction the miniature appears to be looking in.


All PC figures have instant communication with each other no matter the distance as long as it's within a solar system. Communication takes no time. Unless there are plot reasons for communication not to work, of course.


Any player can measure any distance at any time - it does not commit that player to any course of action.


Here are specific case-by-case changes to the original Battlestations equipment, item or special ability rules where necessary to use them a grid-less miniatures game.


In most cases a planetary version of a module will only be found as part of a ground based structure, building or vehicle (I'll write some planetary vehicle rules later).


The blast of a cannon effects a 10cm diameter area.

Cargo Bay

A planet bound cargo bay may be of any size.


May not emulate spaceship specific items (such as Helm or Hyperdrive)

Hull Stabilizer

Affects the whole structure. Buildings with stabilizers may be found as part of a military base, or possibly a spaceport. Note, however - that when a structure fails a “hull” roll - it usually collapses, rather than exploding.

Local Life Support

Often found on hostile environment planets. Provides life support for 4 characters no matter the size of the structure. It's 4 times effective as there's less maintenance required on a planet. However - feel free to reduce that back down to just 1 character if it's a super-hostile environment (e.g. airless asteroid)


This is now a reactor. As it's not generating thrust, it's twice as efficient (1 pump of the engine produces 2 energy)


Not used


Not used. Any non-movement related actions in a Hyperdrive are now handled by a Science Bay on the planet (e.g. Cloak detection)

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