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Pirates of Trundlia Rules Changes



  • A barrel does not confer the slagged penalty on fire actions for a character in its space.
  • The barrel adds 1 to the target number of the character in its space.


Barrels may be carried using the carry the fallen“ rules in the main rule book.”


A barrel is detroyed on a damage die of 6.


EMP guns affect all cyberwear, but not personal equipment unless the equipment is targeted specifically. EMP grenades affect everything in LOS.


If not working for the UREF, bots are in short supply and freebooters must be hired instead if vacancies are to be filled.

  • Cost is 100 credits per rank per mission paid in advance
  • Freebooters use the NPC equipment chart for their rank
  • Freebooters count half their rank for the purposes of working out MD.
  • Freebooters are subject to morale attacks by enemy crews

Mission Difficulty

MD is calculated from the ranks of the crew (half for freebooters) plus 1 per bot or NPC. If there are less than 3 PCs, subtract one (to a minimum of 1 MD)

  • MD = trunc [ (PC ranks + (freebooter ranks / 2) + Bots + NPCs) / 3 ] -( 1 if PCs ❤ )
  • If MD is greater than 9, it must be reduced with Plot Twists, Personalities, etc.
    • Rewards and treasures are based on the initial MD, not the reduced MD

Multiprogram Hyperdrive

A programming attempt may be made to program multiple levels of a Hyperdrive as a single action. +3 is added to the difficult for each level programmed in the action.


  • Ends movement between two squares.
  • May be targeted in either square.
  • My not use a battlestation in either square.
  • Attackers receive -3 to hit unless they can shoot at both squares.
  • 1 MP is needed to enter either of the two squares next phase.
  • You are not counted as being in either square for the purposes of free attacks or blocking enemy movement unless you have Zone Controller special ability, in which case you occupy both squares only.
  • You occupy whichever square is worse when determining bad things such as grenades or collateral damage.

Personal Weapon Misses

If a shot misses by 1, roll to hit each target directly along the LOS in order at no bonuses or penalties.

Rocking the Boat

Each damage die of 4,5,6 from a ship weapon that is not stopped by shields raises the target ship's OOC by 1.

  • This occurs whether the damage hits a module on the silhouette of the ship or not.

Satchel Charges

Charges also act as energy grenades when damaging characters.

Shield Depletion

Each time the shields defend the ship, they are reduced by one level.

Spacewalking Perils

Lack of Lifesupport

  • Characters outside a ship check Athletics vs 11 each Phase or take 1D of damage.
  • Characters inside a ship check each Round.


Slagging Destroys Upgrades

Upgrades are permanently lost if a module is slagged.

Upgrading for Civilians

Non-UREF must use parts to upgrade equipment unless they have the Quartermaster special ability.

  • To upgrade an item - a similar item must be destroyed for parts.
  • To upgrade a module - a similar module must be ransacked. This takes hours and produces a barrel of expendable parts (one cargo space).

The parts are expended whether an upgrade attempt is successful or not.

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