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Pax Galacticum Rules Changes

States of Being

  • Comatose: Incapacitated. Comatose characters may not take any actions at all. If a comatose character becomes a Dying character and is then healed to full hit points they are still comatose. A comatose character remains comatose until the end of the mission.
  • Dying: Incapacitated. Any character below -6 hit points is dying. At the end of each round the character takes a further 1d6 unmodified damage similar to unsupported life support damage unless someone performs CPR. Dying character can only be revived in a Sick Bay.
  • Dead: Incapacitated. Any character on a ship whose total hitpoint damage exceeds the skill of any character to revive in a Sick Bay is considered dead. The character earns no XP for the mission, but earns an extra 100 prestige for dying in the course of their duty.
  • Groggy: May be cured in a Sick Bay. Groggy characters are at -3 on all actions and can only move a maximum of 1 space per move action.
  • Scared: May only make move actions and only if commanded at least once by a hero in line of sight.

Notes: Incapacitated a character that is incapacitated has their Target number reduced by 3.


The amount the athletics roll is failed by is the amount of stun markers received. Stun markers are now removed at the end of each phase (instead of round). If your square is moved through, remove a stun marker. If damaged, affected by any weapon or grappled, all stun markers are removed. Bots can be stunned.

Plasma Fires

Damaging the ship

Collisions no longer cause OOC. However any damage roll not stopped by shields that is a 4,5,6 causes 1 OOC - even if the damage is only hull damage from when the hit allocation misses the ship.

Carrying the fallen

Unattended Ships

On rescue missions, heroes may spend 2 luck to reroll hull dice for remote ships until boarded.

Ranged Weapons

Because missions may now include planetside combat, the ranges that a missile weapon can reach has become a factor. In general the maximum range of a weapon is 100 squares. There is now also a penalty of -1 to combat skill for every 10 squares of range after the first 10. This can be applied onboard a starship as well for particularly long corridor sections

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