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Gravity Lance

Gravity Lance


Repair module

Skill: Engineering
Difficulty: 11
Uses Module: No
Can be done Remotely: No
Energy: None
Can be done more than once per Round: Yes

Attack with the Gravity Lance

Skill: Combat
Difficulty: Distance + Target Speed
Uses Module: Yes
Can be done Remotely: Yes
Energy: 1 Gun energy is used after firing (or failing to fire)

What happens on a successful Gravity Lance attack

  1. The effects of the Gravity Lance will extend into as many modules as Gun power used in the firing ship
  2. All occupants in affected modules suffer 2d6 collatoral damage (as per cannon hit)
  3. Roll 1 die for each affected module, on a 4+ it is broken and the ship receives hull damage equal to the roll and +1 OOC
  4. If at least one damage die rolled gets a 4+ the target ship is pulled 1 hex closer as long as that target is not within 2 hexes of an object larger than an asteroid


Module must have an outer facing. Open sides on the module increase its arc of fire for non-Tentac ships. Gravity lances can shoot missiles.

Shields Gravity Lances are not affected by shields.

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