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New art for standard modules, and new module designs.

Base Files - Photoshop base file with layers for 300DPI module design

Race Specific Modules

Tentac-Engine.jpg - 600 DPI engine module with a Tentac style
Tentac-Helm.jpg - 600 DPI helm module with a Tentac style

Mission Specific Modules

The Temple of Moss

Module variants without battlestations suitable for temples. 600 DPI.
templelifesupport.jpg, templemissile.jpg, templeengine.jpg, templesickbay.jpg, templesciencebay.jpg, templeteleport.jpg, templecargo.jpg, templehyperdrive.jpg, templehelm.jpg

The Hive

Hive map - A random hive map generator.
Module variants without battlestations suitable for hives. 600 DPI.
hivecannon.jpg, hivecargo.jpg, hiveengine.jpg, hivehelm.jpg, hivehull.jpg, hivehyperdrive.jpg, hivelifesupport.jpg, hivemissile.jpg, hivescience.jpg, hiveteleport.jpg, hivetractor.jpg

The Event Horizon (H&G)

Module variants with battlestation equivalents suitable for gothic H&Gs. 600 DPI.
eventhorizoncargo.jpg, eventhorizonengine.jpg, eventhorizonlife.jpg, eventhorizonmissile.jpg, eventhorizonscience.jpg, eventhorizontractor.jpg, eventhorizonhull.jpg

Stone Blocks

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