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Missile Bay

Missile Bay

Missile Types

Warhead Missile

(default missile) To hit dice: 2D6 vs target's speed
Damage: 2D6

Boarding Missile

To hit dice: 2D6 vs target's speed, or can be Piloted
Damage: None. Carries up to two passengers

Science Probe

To hit dice: N/A
Damage: None. Can be used for scans (yes/no question)

Seeker Missile

To hit dice: 3D6 vs target's speed
Damage: 1D6

Heavy Missile

To hit dice: 1D6 vs target's speed
Damage: 3D6


To hit dice: N/A
Notes: Combat vs 11 to launch, virtually indestructible.

Escape Pod

To hit dice: N/A
Notes: Combat vs 8 to launch, speed 6, may not dock with ships but can land on planets or float in space.

Rescue Pod

To hit dice: N/A
Notes: Combat vs 11 to launch. Automatically picks up spacewalker and then acts as boarding missile back to firer. Spacewalker may make athletics vs 8 to dodge (which deactivates pod).


Launch Missile

Skill: Combat
Difficulty: 11
Uses Module: Yes
Can be done Remotely: Yes
Energy: 1 Gun energy is used after firing (or failing to fire)
Can be done more than once per Round: No.

Repair module

Skill: Engineering
Difficulty: 11
Uses Module: No
Can be done Remotely: No
Energy: None
Can be done more than once per Round: Yes

What happens when a missile enters the hex of its target

  1. Roll to hit. Usually 2D6 vs the target's speed. If unsuccessful - the missile starts chasing“.”
  2. Roll on the hit location table. Any result that doesn't intersect with at least one module on the enemy ship means the missile missed and starts chasing“.”
  3. Roll damage dice. The highest die affects the first module. The next lower die effects the four adjacent modules. If there is a third die, it affects the corner modules.
  4. Each 1-3 on a die causes characters in the module to take 1D6 damage. Each 4-6 on a die causes characters to take 2D6 damage and the module to get a broken marker.
  5. Hull damage to the ship equals the sum of all the dice that hit modules, plus the number of dice that did not hit modules.


Module must have an outer facing. Missiles travel at speed 12 and must always follow the most direct route to their target.

Missile Bays do not require LOS to their target, only exterior placement on the ship.

Missiles are launched during player (or enemy) actions phase and are placed on the appropriate ship. They will move (2 spaces per phase) starting in the next phase. [YG343]

Any damage destroys a missile or probe.

Missile Damage is not luckable [YG 663].

Missiles are not automatically destroyed if they enter a space with an asteroid. They make a survival check vs. an 8 to avoid destruction. However, a missile attacking a relay station does not have to make a survival check, it destroys the station automatically.

Missiles affected by ECM are only under the ECM's control for one phase. If they do not crash into a planetary body, the revert to chasing their target the following phase. [YG 663].

Science Probes can only ask yes/no questions, they cannot collect data.

Missiles may impact with planets or asteroids (Piloting vs 8) and will definitely be destroyed if they enter a hex with a star.

Missiles that miss their target will chase it and attack again every phase. Missiles can be shot with cannons, dodged by the helm or tractored.

Missiles are not affected by shields.

Boarding Missiles
Boarding Missiles must still hit on the silhouette (following steps 1-4 above) unless a character spends an action to pick a specific module (no silhouette dice roll needed). That character may move after boarding, but their action is already used for the phase.

If you are in a boarding missile that is shot by a cannon, you can dodge it by making a piloting check with a difficulty of 12 [p50]

If you are in a boarding missile subject to tractor, missile, cannons, or whatever else, you must make a piloting check against the total roll of whatever is targeting you. [p51]. (So, for cannons, you'd want to roll against the 12). [Via BGG]

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