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Supernova Rescue


Complexity: 2


A starlab has be set in geosyncronise orbit on the leeward side of a planet in a system about to go nova. The purpose of the lab is to study supernovas, however their solar wind shielding has had a catastrophic failure killing one of their engineers. The other engineer was killed trying to repair the module when it was buffeted by the vast outpouring of the sun's death throws.


Place a planet in the middle of the map. Designate one direction as being where the sun is. The two hexes on the furthest side of the planet are protected by the planet's shadow. One of those hexes contains the Starlab. The planet's shadow is a cone that extends out from those two hexes.

The Mission Briefing

The PCs mission is to either repair the Nova Shield or to evacuate the scientists.

The Complications

While in the planetary shadow, all ships receive 1d6 damage to a random module every round, and gain 1 OOC per phase. If a ship ever strays outside of the shadow, work out how many hexes they are from the shadow. Call this number N. They receive 1D6 damage to N modules per phase, and gain N d6 OOC per phase.


Again, this is a completely un-playtested mission (like Alien Bushwack), so use at your own discretion 🙂

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