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It's quite easy to lose track of what equipment you have in your hands, slung on your belt, or in your pack. Counters at least are available for when you drop something on the floor. Someone on the yahoo group suggested using cards and a character sheet with borders marked for the status of items. This is a pretty good idea. I think hit points are another area that would benefit from using counters instead of scribbling on the sheet all the time.

Using Cards

Print out the following word document single sided. Glue each of the six pages to cardboard and cut out the cards and counters. Make multiple copies of pages or cards if you have multiple items of that type.

Placing Cards

  • Cards placed on the left of your character sheet represent equipment you have Slung.
  • Cards placed on the right of your character sheet represent equipment you have in your Hand(s).
  • Cards placed on the below or on your character sheet represent equipment you have in your Pack.

Card Status

  • A horizontal card represents a normal item.
  • If the item is Upgraded then turn the card clockwise.
  • If the item is Broken then either turn the card upside down, or turn the card over.

Placing Hit Point Counters

Place as many 1s, 5s and 10 counters on your character sheet to represent your current hit points. Use the black counters for negative hit points.

The Cards

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