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Galactic Civil War Campaign

  1. Unchosen mission: Infestation (economic)
    Chosen mission: Mission Five - Security Check (military)
  2. Unchosen mission: Background Noise Crescendo (economic)
    Chosen mission: Mission Six - Blockade (political)
  3. Unchosen mission: Bad Apple Shakedown Cruise (military)
    Chosen mission: Mission Seven - Professional Miners (economic)
  4. Unchosen mission: Counter Attack (military)
    Chosen mission: Mission Eight - Clone Switcheroo (political)
  5. Unchosen mission: (scientific)
    Chosen mission: Mission Nine - Harass Military Convey (military)

Special Rules From now on, if an Overwhelming Success is achieved and a Private Tutor reward is rolled, any hero may forgo the 2d6x100 XP in exchange for learning the Psionic skill at level 1.
Rules Clarification From now on, if an Overwhelming Success is achieved only ONE roll is made for the entire party (mistakenly read rules)
Overall campaign progress

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