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Victorian Sci-fi Battlestations modules

Created by Gareth Lazelle

An alternative possibility for defining these new modules.
In doing this I am aiming for a tactical combat involving broadsides. So maneuver becomes important. To achieve this, weapons are given a better side firing arc than forward or rear.
The absence of shields is also problematic. I've made the two more damaging weapons strong against shielded ships which ought to deter their use a little.
Steampunk Modules
Printable PDF by Pauli

Module - Helm

This module is as per standard battlestations.

Module - Life support

This module is as per standard battlestations.

Module - Gatling Cannon

The gatling cannon can shoot once per phase and does not require energy to fire. Shields work as per normal but are not reduced in power by a shot. Combat check to hit is speed of target + 2 * range to target. Damage dealt is 1d6 damage per shot. Standard Battlestations fireing arcs are used.
Note: maybe make this 3*range on the to hit roll. I'm viewing the gatling cannon as an anti-fighter/missile/torpedo weapon primarily.

Module - Mk.V Aether Torpedos

Like missiles but more damaging, faster and unguided.
This bay fires a spread of tree torpedos. There are four different spreads available. See the diagram below for the possibilities for a forward facing torpedo bay, the firing ship is S and it is facing up the page. The base hex for the launch is 'b' and a torpedo must occupy this hex after firing. For a side facing weapon the firer chooses which of the two side hexes the launch is based from. 1/ All torpedoes in hex b facing up the page
2/ All three torpedoes facing up the page one each in hexes a, b, c
3/ All torpedoes in hex b, one facing up, one up & left and one up & right.
4/ One torpedo in hex a, facing up & left, one in b facing up and one in c facing up & right.
A torpedo moves three hexes per phase but only in a straight line. Torpedos are affected by gravity as if they were ships. A torpedo that enters a hex containing a ship sized object or larger will close in and detonate. Normally, a torpedo ignores targets in its initial placement hex, however this can be overridden at launch time if desired (in this case the torpedo will attempt to detonate immediately if a target is present).
When a torpedo detonates, it must roll to hit the targets sillouette if applicable. A single die reroll is allow on this attempt. If the torpedo hits, damage is 4d6 expanding as per a missile hit, losing the highest die for each module away from the impact point. Regardless of a hit or miss, everything else in the target hex takes 2d6 hull damage (including the intended target on a miss) and everything in any adjacent hex takes 1d6 hull damage.
They can be shot down by doing a single point of damage with a ship's weapon. Speed for to hit purposes is considered to be 18. Torpedo launches do not require any energy.

Module - Mk.I Atomic Bolt Projector

This weapon has more limited firing arcs than is normal in Battlestations.
For a ship S facing up the page the forward (f), aft (a), port (p) and starboard (s) arcs of fire are:
“ This projector can only face one of four directions and adjacent firing arcs are not available.
The projector can be fired once per round (gaining a used marker when fired) To hit roll is target speed + range to target. Damage is 6d6 + (target's shields)d6. Penetration is as per a standard cannon. The shot is reduced by shields normally (so you actually roll 6d6 + (target's shields * 2)d6 and remove the highest (target's shields) dice. Shields are reduced one energy level.
Note: I'm not convinced the damage for this is good or balanced yet. This one should also consume energy but since the Aether screw isn't defined yet, I've left this blank.

Module - Aether Drive

Not sure what to do with this one. Clearly it is meant to be a hyperdrive. It will also have to double as the science bay for research and questioning purposes.

Module - Aether Screw

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