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Anthony's Modules


by anthonyjoliveira»
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Electronic Warfare Suite

(Must have exterior facing.) The Electronic Warfare Suite or EWS is a module dedicated to electronic counter-measures and jamming. The EWS module offers increased functionality over the ECM capibilities provided by a science bay. Used Markers Each use of an EWS module causes it to acquire a `used' marker. Any attempt to use a EWS module is at a penalty of -3 for each `used' marker on it. BLOCK TELEPORTERS (Science skill check vs. 11) This skill allows the user of the EWS module to modulate shield frequencies in order to make it more difficult for a enemy to teleport through your shields. By making a successful science check you can add the number of successes to the difficulty of any attempt to teleport onto your ship. This effect only lasts for one phase. REMOVE TARGETING LOCKS (Science skill check vs 12 GÇô current distance to ship that obtained the lock, minimum of 8.) The closer the enemy ship is to you the harder it is to jam their scanning so they lose their targeting locks. If the check is successful, you may remove the targeting lock from your ship. JAMMING (Science skill check vs 😎 By making a successful skill check you can add the number of successes to difficultly number of any attempts to obtain a targeting lock on your ship. Jamming is also added to the difficultly of any Research with Scans (yes/no questions) where the your ship is the subject of those scans/question. This effect lasts for one phase or until shield power drops to zero. Jamming also affects friendly ships as well as enemy ships. ELECTRONIC COUNTER MEASURES (ECM) (Science skill check vs 8 + distance to missile) The EWS module has the same ECM function as a science bay only the skill check is against a difficult of 8 + distance to missile, rather than the normal 12. ELECTRONIC COUNTER-COUNTER MEASURES (ECCM) (Science skill check vs 8 + distance) By making a successful skill check you can add the number of successes to difficultly number of any attempts to use ECM against your missiles for the remainder of the round. This increase in difficulty is not a blanket effect and can only be applied to a single enemy ship. If the enemy ship is already controlling“ your missile via ECM then the next phase you may increase the difficultly of their ECM check by the number of successes you obtained in you r ECCM skill check. This effect for one phase or until shield power drops to zero.”

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The brig, put simply, is a jail cell. A highly secure and sophisticated jail cell, but a jail cell none the less. Anyone (or anything) locked in the brig can not get out unless the brig is slagged, a crew member opens the door (automatic action), or the brig battlestation is hacked by someone on the outside who intents to let the occupants free. Prisoners in the brig affect the maximum crew count for life support just as another other character, NPC, or bot would. So if you want to take prisoners make sure your life support will handle the extra load before you use your hyperdrive to go home. Otherwise the prisoners won't tbe the only ones in for an unpleasant trip! Hacking a Brig Battlestation The Battlestations in the brig are outside of the cells are not accessible by prisoners in the brig. Because the designers of the brig expected people to attempt to break the prisoners out, the made those battlestations highly secure. As a result, the difficult for hacking a brig battlestation is 14! Damaging a Brig Brigs are built tough, and are resistant to people trying to blow them up, whether they're trying to get in or out. Brigs ignore the first two damaged markers caused by personal weapons. Place a `used' marker on the brig to represent that it has absorbed a damage marker caused by a personal weapon. Once the brig has two `used' markers and personal weapon attack that would cause a damage marker to be placed on the module affects it normally. Ship weapons affect brigs normally GÇô they aren't designed to take that much damage. Brigs can not ignore damage markers caused by ship weapons (cannons, missiles, etc.) If a Brig suffers damage, either from a ship weapon or a personal weapon, and has a damage marker placed on it, it automatically locks down. This is called a fail-closed system. At that point no one can get in or out of the brig until it is repaired, even if they can operate the battlestation in the brig. If the Brig suffers two damage markers and is slagged it has effectively been blown open and the occupants are free to escape (assuming they survived). Upgrading the Brig And upgraded brig can be equipped with prisoner or weapon suppression systems. After successfully upgrading the brig choose whether it is equipped with a prisoner suppression system (stun grenade) OR a weapon suppression system (EMP grenade). Only one may be installed. Either system, when triggered, automatically affects everyone inside the brig. These suppression systems have no affect on anyone outside of the brig. Triggering either type of suppression system requires a successful science check at the brig battlestation vs. a difficulty of 8. This check can be made remotely with the normal penalties. Unlike the grenades that these systems are based off of they can be used repeatedly. Either system can be used once per phase. ;

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