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Hull Stabiliser

Hull Stabiliser


Repair module

Skill: Engineering
Difficulty: 11
Uses Module: No
Can be done Remotely: No
Energy: None
Can be done more than once per Round: Yes


Each of these module enables the reroll of one or both dice when checking for hull stability. If a ship takes multiple sources of damage during the same phase (i.e. two missiles hit) then you must make a hull integrity check for each one. [YG 922]

This module has been deprecated in version 1.1 of the rules. It is now a regular sized cargo module that cannot be used cummulatively with other hull stabilizer modules. It has a requisition number of 8 and costs 250 credits. On Ship Layouts replace the Hull Stabilizer module with a Cargo Bay module containing a Battery, an EAME set to Teleporter and a Hull Stabiliser.

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