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Card Games

Original Games

  • Quis Custodiet ipsos custodes? A game of paranoid resource management
  • Auction - Inspired by recent games of Modern Art and Cash & Guns. I like the idea of cards played affecting other players, hidden players and ranking players.
  • Dice Dungeon - An idea I had about combining dice with cards, and then using the cards as a map. (incomplete)
  • Duel Cards - A duelling card game for two players with two cards (and a whiteboard marker)
  • Dungeon Builder: the Card Game - Mine and Barbara's ideas on a Dungeon Keeper type card game
  • HunterGatherers - a resource management type game that primarily uses cards, and occasional dice. (incomplete)
  • Joust - My own slightly detailed jousting card game inspired to by other games I've seen that try to simulate the same. (incomplete)
  • MayanGold - based on the Incan Gold game but using normal playing cards.
  • Action the Project! - Office intrigue
  • Politberg - Castle intrigue (incomplete)
  • Siege - a game of castle sieges using normal playing cards.

Variants and Expansions

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