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Jedi Duel

Needed to Play

  • Playing Cards
  • Stance Playaid for each player
  • Fatigue Playaid shared by all
  • Counter for each player for the Fatigue Playaid


Competing Jedis and Sith attempt to get past each others defensive stances with the quickest speed. The faster the attack and slower the defense the more fatigue caused which tires opponents, eventually leading to a killing blow.


Ace is worth 1, Jack 11, Queen 12 and King 13.
The Jack, Queen and King are also used as Force Powers and Force Defence.
The ♣️ Clubs suit is a wild suit that can match or be used to represent any other suit. It may also be discarded as a temporary defence instead of using your Stance.


  • Place a Stance Playaid in front of each player.
  • Place the Fatigue Playaid in the middle of the table with all player counters on the “21” position
  • Determine Dealer.
  • Deal 5 cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards to the side of the Fatigue Playaid as the Draw Deck.
  • All players except the player to the left of the Dealer play one card on their playaid to show their initial Stance. These player(s) then draw a replacement card.
  • Play begins with the player to the left of the Dealer.

Playing the Game

Each Round you play two cards and redraw from the Draw Deck.

  1. Discard your current Stance.
  2. Play a new Stance. Each Stance has advantages and disadvantages shown on the Playaid.
  3. Play a card to Attack, use a Force Power or Discard it to regain some Fatigue.
  4. Redraw two cards to your hand.
    If you have a ♠️ Low Stance, draw three cards instead of just two, keep two and place one back on top of the Draw Deck.
    If the player you attacked played a card in defence (a ♣️ Club or a Force Defence), they now draw a replacement from the Draw Deck.
  5. Play continues to the next player.

Game End

The game ends when:

  • All but one player have run out of Fatigue. The last survivor is the winner.
  • You have gone through the draw deck as many times as there are players. The player with the most Fatigue is the winner.


Your stance affects your control of the Force and your ability to defend yourself from different kinds of attacks and changes the speed at which you may attack different areas. Every time you play you must first play a new card to your Stance. You can keep the same Stance if you play the same suit. You can play a Club card to any of the three Stances and it becomes that suit.

  • High Stance ♦️
    Playing a Diamond (or a club to this space) puts you in a High Stance. In this Stance you are Force Aware and able to ignore the effects of the Force Powers of the Queen and King and can attack through a Force Defence, ignoring it.
  • Middle Stance ♥️
    Playing a Heart (or a club to this space) puts you in the Middle Stance. It is easier to defend against all normal attacks from this Stance.
  • Low Stance ♠️
    Playing a Spade (or a club to this space) puts you in Low Stance. In this Stance you are more attuned to the Flow of the Force. When you redraw at the end of your play, draw three cards and place the one you do not want back on top of the Draw Deck.


The lower the card you play for an attack, the faster it is. The difference between the total value of your attack and the total value of the target’s defence is the amount subtracted from their Fatigue. The further away your lightsaber has to move from your Stance the slower it becomes. This effects your attack and the defence of your opponent with their Stance.

  • Play a non-royal card for an attack. Its rank is its speed.
  • Add the attack speed modifier for the suit of your card based on your current Stance using the Playaid (it will be +1 or +2). ♣️ Club cards do not add the attack speed modifier but you must still state which area it is attacking (High, Medium or Low) as it effects the defence modifier. Jokers are a special case and their rank is not used. See Jokers.
  • Compare the total to the the card in your target’s Stance. If attacking an area other than their Stance, also add the defensive modifier for their Stance (+2, +3 or +5).
  • If the attack value is lower, the attack is faster than the defence and the difference in the totals is the amount of Fatigue damage caused to the defender.
  • The defender may:
    • Discard a ♣️ Club card as a temporary defense. Club cards played in defense do not have defensive modifiers added to them.
    • Play a Force Defence card to negate the attack if you have not attacked from the ♦️ High Stance. See Force Defence.
  • After an attack you draw two replacement cards – or if in the ♠️ Low Stance you draw three and choose one to go back on top of the draw deck. Then the defender draws a card if they played a Club or Force Defence

Force Power

Jacks, Queens and Kings are used to activate Force Powers. The power only works if it is the same suit as your current Stance (or if it is a ♣️ Club Royal) and if the target is not in the ♦️ High Stance.

  • Force Heal (Jack). Move your Fatigue Counter to the top of its current column.
  • Force Pull / Force Push (Queen). You are immune from attacks until your next turn. Unless they are made by opponents in the ♦️ High Stance.
  • Force Sense (King). Look at an opponent’s hand and swap one of your remaining three cards with one of theirs. Unless your opponent is in the ♦️ High Stance.

Force Defence

Royal cards may also be discarded to negate any attack including the use of a Joker.

  • You must play a card of the suit of your current Stance (or a ♣️ Club Royal).
  • You cannot defend against attacks made by someone in the ♦️ High Stance.
  • Fumble
    If your fatigue is in a column lower than your attacker’s and you successfully play a Force Defence you may choose to cause your attacker to fumble: Swap their current Stance card with a card from your hand.

Force Lightning

If you are in ♥️ Medium or ♠️ Low Stance you may play four royal cards of any suit or play both Jokers to attack all players with Force Lightning

  • Every player not in the ♦️ High Stance is affected and moves their fatigue to the bottom of their current column unless they are able to successfully play a Force Defence. Note that multiple players may cause Fumbles if eligible and cards are swapped in player order (the first player to the left swaps cards, the next player will be swapping that card just placed in the Stance).


Rather than playing a Force Power or an Attack you may discard a card to regain some Fatigue. You may not change from one column to another on the Fatigue Playaid. If your card matches the suit of the topmost card in the discard pile, gain 2 Fatigue, otherwise gain 1 Fatigue.


Jokers represent amputation (such as having a hand cut off) or other major wounds. You may only play a Joker from the ♥️ Medium or ♠️ Low Stance. The only defence is a Force Defence. Move the target’s Fatigue Counter to the bottom of its current column.

Stance Playaid

Stance Playaid 1Stance Playaid 2

Fatigue Playaid

Fatigue Playaid

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