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Number of Players



  • Character Deck (? cards)
  • Common Deck (160 cards)
    1. Common Resources (50%)
    2. Common Powers (25% allow taking cards from the Uncommon Deck)
  • Uncommon Deck (120 cards)
    1. Uncommon Resources (50%)
    2. Uncommon Powers (25% allow taking cards from the Rare Deck)
  • Rare Deck (80 cards)
    1. Rare Resources (50%)
    2. Rare Powers (25% permantly change the rules for a player)

The Boards

  • A centralised board for victory point tracking and resource storage. The central board also lists the default rules for all players.
  • A board for each player to store their resources and organise their status changes. This board also summarises the cards in each deck and what resources are used for.

The Resources

  • Common
    • Wood = brown, Stone = grey, Food = yellow, Water = blue
  • Uncommon
    • Metal = black, Crystal = green
  • Rare
    • Mithril = white


  1. Shuffle each of the decks and put them in separate piles on the central board.
  2. Each player is given a board and one card from the character deck. The card is kept secret and put to on their board. This card gives them specific victory point conditional advantages.
  3. Each player is dealt 5 cards from the Common Deck.
  4. Place markers on your player board to indicate your defaults of 5 card limit, 1 card play or 1 card discard
  5. Place 4 of each Common, 2 of each Uncommon and 1 of each Rare resource on the main board for each player (i.e. a 3 player game uses 12 Food, 12 Water, 12 Wood, 12 Stone, 6 Metal, 6 Crystal and 3 Mithril)
  6. The player to the left of the dealer is the first player.


The objective of the game is to obtain the most victory points by the time the game ends. Resources are gathered and expended to allow the use of cards which either gather more resources, allow the player to get cards from other decks, affect other players, give victory points or change the rules for the player.

The Round

  • A round in the game consists of each player taking a turn in clockwise order (unless someone plays a card that changes this).
  • During a turn, the default actions a player must do in order are-
    1. Draw up to your hand limit
    2. Play a card and/or discard a card
      • Another player may play a cancel (Veto or Exile) card on the card you just played. If this occurs, the card goes to discards as normal, and if the card required resources to play, those resources are still used.
      • If you play a card that lets you take one or more resources from the main board and there are not enough resources left, take what is left on the main board only, excess is lost.
  • Resources expended to power cards go back to the main board
  • Cards played or discarded go to the appropriate discard pile for the deck
  • If Common or Uncommon cards run out, the discard pile is reshuffled
  • If the Rare deck runs out, the game ends.

Winning the Game

There are three ways for the game to end - An end game power card is successfully played, a player is reduced in hand size to 1 card, or the Rare Deck runs out of cards. The Rare Deck is the only deck that never gets reshuffled.

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