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Common Deck

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# Card Name Type/Requirement Description
20 Wood Resource Take 1 Wood
20 Stone Resource Take 1 Stone
20 Food Resource Take 1 Food
20 Water Resource Take 1 Water
8 Energy Food + Water Play 2 more cards or draw 2 Common cards
8 Desperation Discard entire hand Take 4 Common resources of your choice
8 Statue Wood + Stone 1 VP
8 Veto 1 of any resource Cancel a Common card as it is played (including Veto)
8 Deflect Metal Any card played that specifically targets you, targets the player of your choice
8 Steal Crystal Take one random card from a player of your choice
6 Forage Metal Redraw up to your Hand limit
6 Appropriate Crystal Take 2 resources of any type from the player of your choice
8 Search 1 of any resource Draw an Uncommon card
8 Mine Wood + Stone + Food + Water Draw 2 Uncommon cards
4 Delve Metal or Crystal Draw a Rare card
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