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Political intrigue in a generic fantasy castle

Number of Players



  • Role deck, to determine what positions the players start in
  • Goal deck, for specific random goals


  1. Monarch
    • Advantage: Absolute power
    • Disadvantage: Short lifespan
  2. Spouse of Monarch
    • Advantage: Almost as much power as the Monarch
    • Disadvantage: Unable to inherit
  3. Seneschal
    • Advantage: In charge of ceremonies
    • Disadvantage:
  4. Chancellor
    • Advantage: In charge of money
    • Disadvantage:
  5. Foreign Ambassador
    • Advantage: Resources external to the castle
    • Disadvantage: No internal resources in the castle
  6. Constable
    • Advantage: Power of arrest
    • Disadvantage:
  7. Butler
    • Advantage: In charge of servants
    • Disadvantage: As senior servant, ranks just above Peasant
  8. Peasant
    • Advantage: Able to get information from multiple sources
    • Disadvantage: Lowest rank


  • Pretender
    • Monarch or Spouse of Monarch
      • You have obtained your position under false pretences, choose one of the following options and write it down- —False Identity, Regicide, Blackmail, Illegitimate, Opposite sex—Goal: Stay in power
    • Everyone else
      • You have a claim to the throne, choose one of the following options and write it down- —Bastard, Cousin, False Identity, Heir of Related Monarchy—Goal: Become Monarch
  • Coup d'etat
    • Seneschal
      • Goal:
    • Everyone else
      • Goal:
  • Greed
    • Chancellor
      • Goal: Deny money to everyone else. The royal treasury must have the same or more money in it than at the start of the game.
    • Everyone else
      • Goal: Obtain the most money in your personal possession.
  • Power
    • Foreign Ambassador
      • Goal: Deny titles to everyone else. No role may have more titles than they have at the start of the game.
    • Everyone else
      • Goal: Obtain more titles than anyone else.
  • Justice
    • Constable
      • Goal:
    • Everyone else
      • Goal: Reveal the Pretender if Monarch or Spouse of Monarch, otherwise stop the Pretender.
  • Popularity
    • Butler and Peasant
      • Goal:
    • Everyone else
      • Goal:
  • Revenge
    • Goal: Foil the goal of another character. Choose that character now and write it down, you may not change.

Pretending Goals

  • Monarch or Spouse of Monarch
    • False Identity—You have no noble ancestors but have assumed the identity of the real noble through being in the right place at the right time.
    • Regicide—The previous Monarch did not die of natural causes and you were involved in the plot.
    • Blackmail—You obtained your position through blackmail of every other contender.
    • Illegitimate—You were born outside of marriage.
    • Opposite sex—You are masquerading as the opposite sex.
  • Everyone else
    • Bastard—You are an offspring of the current or previous Monarch outside of marriage.
    • Cousin—You are closely, legally related to the current Monarch.
    • False Identity—You are the heir to the throne pretending to be something else.
    • Heir of Related Monarchy—Legally you have a right to the throne as you share ancestry with the Monarch

The Board



The Round

The End of a Round

Winning the Game



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