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Duel Cards


As I'm thinking of going with a modern design for these cards (almost LCARS in nature) this will be a science fiction duel between two players (not sure how it could work with multiple players yet). Each player represents a warrior with an energy sword and a force shield (insert backstory to fit your favourite franchise or setting). Players take turns to attack or defend depending on who currently has the initiative. Initiative swaps between players based on choices of attacks and defence. Gameplay consists of playing one or two cards (of a deck of 2 cards) and marking the backs with any damage taken.


No downloads yet, as I've only done interim card designs. When I've done some nice colour ones, then I'll put them here.


Each player has:

  • One Attack Card
  • One Defence Card

The Plays

Attack CardThrustParryHead SwingSlashLeg Chop
Defence CardShield BashDodgeBlock HighBlock MiddleBlock Low

Correct Defences

  • Thrust vs Parry
  • Shield Bash vs Dodge
  • Head Swing vs Block High
  • Slash vs Block Middle
  • Leg Chop vs Block Low


Each player takes both their cards. A whiteboard marker is given to one player to mark damage and signify that they have the initiative.

The Turn

  1. The player who does not have the initiative plays one or both cards face down
  2. The player who has the initiative plays one or both cards face down
  3. Cards are revealed by flipping them horizontally (if two cards are played, only the bottom card is flipped)
  4. Attacks and defenses are compared (see the chart, or the description below)
    • If both players attack, both players are damaged according to the strength of their opponent's attack
    • If both players defend, both players take no damage
    • If one player does a weaker attack or defence, they gain the initiative
    • If a player does a stronger attack or defence, they are likely to overextend themselves and lose the initative
    • If a player performs the correct defence with the correct strength, they gain the initiative
  5. Mark any damage on one or two (depending on the strength of the attack) of the circles on the back of either card. If you have six damage circles marked (either all on one card, or distributed amongst the two cards), you lose.
  6. Play continues with the player who has the initiative always playing second - until one player has 6 circles marked with damage.

Rules of play

  1. You cannot play the same attack or defence twice in a row
  2. You may play one card or two cards according to the 5 types of play unless prevented by damage or rule #1
  3. Always reveal the bottom card by flipping it horizontally
  4. When first placed, the bottom card may be rotated 180 degrees to show either a strong or a weak strength for the card (strong causes/stops 2 damage, weak causes/stops 1 damage)


Marking damage on the back of a card represents an injury and will seriously affect your character's ability in combat. There are 6 circles on the back of each card. When a circle is marked with damage, it's effect is represented in this way-

  • If a circle is marked, you may not place a card on top of it.
    • Either of the top two circles of a card mean you can't do a High attack/defence, middle two are for Medium attack/defence and the bottom two are for Low attack/defence
      • You can still rotate the card and perform the other strength version of the attack - bearing in mind rule #1 that you can't do the same play twice in a row
  • If 3 circles are marked on a card, you cannot play that card by itself
    • e.g. if you have three marked on the attack card, you can no longer thrust or parry.
  • If 6 circles are marked in total on your cards, you lose.


Your PlayStrengthEnemy DamageYour DamageInitiative Change
Same AttackGreater21Lost
Same AttackEqual1 or 21 or 2Unchanged
Same AttackLower12Gained
Different AttackGreater21Unchanged
Different AttackEqual1 or 21 or 2Unchanged
Different AttackLower12Gained
Correct DefenceGreater00Lost
Correct DefenceEqual00Gained
Correct DefenceLower01Gained
Other DefenceGreater01Lost
Other DefenceEqual01 or 2Lost
Other DefenceLower02Gained
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