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25/10/2012 9:25:33 PM

Delta's Modules


by delta_angelfire»

I just thought I'd share some of the things I've been thinking of testing on my players. I'm nowhere close to a professional artist, but I'll post a little something to show off for each of my inspired creations (Thanks to the Siadeks for such a great game)! Some of them I just posted the general layout for and will probably finish something for them soon 🙂

First, some of the ideas that I got from the thread on size 4 ships:


For the small business and pleasure craft owner, combining hyperdrive and sublight control in a single module allows extra space in a skiff for either passengers (for a family getaway perhaps?) or cargo (for the up and coming entrepreneur.) The compactness of the module leaves something to be desired in terms of sheer power, but is good for those who won't be seeking out combat. Even the best pilot will have trouble doing complex maneuvers in it, so it's not recommended for ships larger than size 5, as the lack of a co-pilot seat will force all assistance to be remote.

  • Requires forward Line of Sight
  • All helm actions taken in the AstroNav suffer a -3 penalty
  • All Hyperdrive actions taken in the AstroNav suffer a -3 Penalty
  • Contains life support for a single person (usually the captain)
  • Contains one Cargo Slot (Which is often taken up by either a Battery

or an EAME)

Twin Plasma Propulsion Drive (TPPD)

The Twin Plasma Propulsion Drive (Twin Drive or TPPD for short) Helps give a little extra oomph“ to smaller vessels. It's unstable nature however requires ample hull access for the massive heat sinks. It's difficult installation and volatile nature usually makes shipyards unwilling to put this on vessels larger than size 5, and if they do, it doesn't come with a warranty.”

  • The Twin Drive is incompatible with normal engines
  • Requires 3 exterior facings, but only 1 Line of Sight facing aft.
  • Can be pumped twice, but the second pump is at -3
  • Allocates 2 energy at the start of a round
  • If the module is ever receives a damage counter, it starts a plasma

fire in itself

Basic Operations

Like the AstroNav, this module doesn't offer much in terms of power, but gives the pilot some small measure of defense by way of a mini-cannon.

  • Requires forward Line of Sight
  • Helm Actions are at -3
  • Cannon can only fire in Multi-fire mode, and can only fire 3 times in a round
  • Life Support for 1
  • Cargo Space of 1

»www.curufea.com_wikka_uploads_bbattlestationsso31a_module_science_operations.jpg_title_science_operations_width_100 »”

Science Operations

A highly specialized module, once again mostly for smaller ships whose geometry allows it to be installed. Like all other combo modules, basic actions are possible, but more difficult.

  • Requires TWO exterior AND opposite Line of Sight facings.
  • Science Actions are at -3
  • Hyperdrive Actions are at -3
  • Accumulated Used markers count for BOTH stations

»www.curufea.com_wikka_uploads_bbattlestationsso31a_module_shuttle_operations.jpg_title_shuttle_operations_width_100 »“

Shuttle Operations

More Helm room makes this one slightly easier easier to control since it easier on a copilot.

  • Requires forward Line of Sight
  • Helm Actions are at -3
  • Life Support for 2 (Usually the pilot and an engineer who doubles as copilot)

———- I also had some modules I personally found enjoyable:

Deflector Array

The Deflector Array gives new meaning to the word shields“. The Deflector Array can act as a secondary shield generator if something should happen to the science bay, and can change shield geometry to minimize damage from nearly any enemy attack. Deflectors have no effect on enemy fighters in the same hex.”

  • Requires 1 Exterior Line of Sight facing
  • Focus Shield Geometry - Science check vs 8: Choose two consecutive numbers and a direction of fire. Any attack allocation from that direction that does not miss the silhouette is adjusted by -1 (if equal to or lower than the lowest chosen number) or +1 (if higher).
    • Add +3 to this Science check to select an additional direction of fire OR to adjust hit allocation by an additional +/-1
  • The deflector works for ANY attack that requires hit allocation (including missiles and teleporters). Remember this doesn't actually stop attacks, but can help it miss your silhouette. Missiles will still chase you.
  • For every attack“ the deflector deflects, drain shield power by one.”
  • All geometry adjustments are permanent as long as ther is at least 1 power in shields. Should shiled power ever drop to zero (be careful about end of round power drain!) the geometries must be re-entered.
  • You may intentionally go on overwatch to temporarily disable the Deflector geometry for a single attack (If a missile is attacking you every phase for example and tearing through your shield power), taking the hit to preserve power for later

The Deflector may be reconfigured with an Engineering check of 11. It no longer will generate shields of any kind, but may now perform the following actions:

  • Energy Transfer - Make an Engineering check to transfer power to another ship. Difficulty is (distance to other ship) +(speed of other ship) +3 per point of power transfer. Once established if both ships are moving at the same facing and speed the transfer may be repeated at with no penalty for speed. If the ship is not expecting a power transfer, this action automatically fails and drains 1 power from any chosen system.
  • Energy Release - Make an Engineering check vs (distance to enemy ship) + (speed of enemy ship) +3 per system. for each system choose Guns, Helm, or Shields (so +9 allows all three). Reduce each of the systems to power zero and treat the attack as a blast cannon attack with power equal to the power level of all the selected systems combined.

»www.curufea.com_wikka_uploads_bbattlestationsso31a_module_gravitic_shockwave_generator.jpg_title_gravitic_shockwave_generator_width_100 »“

Gravitic Shockwave Generator

The Shockwave” harness the entire ship as a weapon to attack an area centered on itself.“

  • Make a Science check vs 8 to launch a level 2 shockwave. Increase the difficulty by +3 for each additional level you wish to increase it by.
  • Treat a shockwave like an exploding ship of the same size in the launching ships hex that doesn't affect the launching ship.
  • The launching ship suffer 1 OoC and 1 hull damage per shockwave level.
  • Drains 1 point of guns power

»www.curufea.com_wikka_uploads_bbattlestationsso31a_module_comm_array.jpg_title_comm_array_width_100 »”

Comm Array

The high-powered communications array is the hacker's and cautious man's best friend. While all ships come with standard communication equipment, the Comm Array can overwhelm enemy systems and enhance remotely controlled operations.

  • Missiles and Fighters may be equipped with a remotely controllable unit in place of 1 personnel slot (boarding missile or fighter) or 1d6 warhead damage (missiles only). These remotely controllable units are only good for remotely piloting these craft.
  • A Pilot at a Comm station may pilot the craft as if he were there, but at the standard remote penalty of -3 and only for piloting checks. Distance is not a factor.
  • A Scientist at the Science Comm station may attempt to remotely hack enemy doors or missiles at a difficulty of 14 + distance (for an enemy airlock) or 11 + distance (to hack an enemy missile)
  • Any of these remote actions may be jammed by an enemy ship that uses ECM and specifically targets your ship (not the missile)

»www.curufea.com_wikka_uploads_bbattlestationsso31a_module_generator..jpg_title_plasma_fusion_generator_width_100 »“

Plasma Fusion Generator

The plasma fusion generator is for those willing to give up a little safety for the siren call of sheer power. It functions much like an engine, but with the following restrictions:

  • Raises Max power levels by 1
  • Doesn't allocate power
  • May be pumped once a round for power. An engineering check of 8 adds TWO power, and the difficulty may be increased by +3 for every additional +2 power desired
  • A Failed pump check DAMAGES the module
  • Whenever the module receives a damage counter, it starts a plasma fire within itself

»www.curufea.com_wikka_uploads_bbattlestationsso31amodule_boarding_cone.jpg_title_boarding_cone_width_100 »”

Boarding Cone

Several pirate ships have recently been turning to these to make up for lack of good scientists turning to a life of privacy. Why hack a door when you can make your own?

  • Requires exactly three exterior and one interior facing (however they may ignore this restriction if placed adjacent to another boarding cone)
  • When docking, the Helmsman way attempt to ram the Boarding cone into an enemy module. Add +3 to the difficulty for the docking check and this causes 1d6 OOC to the initiating vessel. The following happens to the victim:
    • Slags the targeted module
    • Deals 4d6 hull damage

Both modules effectively occupy the same space. Anyone in the Boarding Cone may move from the 1, 2, or 3 space on the cone to an adjacent square on the attacked module.

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